Frozen Waters book series! / by Ekaterina Smirnova


I am so excited to announce that my first three books of the Frozen Waters series are now available! This project is an artistic exploration of snow and ice – natural phenomena, under threat of global warming. In these books I would like to share with you the delicate beauty and limitless forms of frozen waters, while celebrating animals and humanity coexisting with snow.

Order  HERE . 110 pages.

Order HERE. 110 pages.

Human and Frozen Waters

You would think that snow and ice are trouble at times. But let us not forget all the joy we can have with them! In this book you will find photography from Russia, Japan, America, Canada and South Korea highlighting winter sports, cultural events, ice fishing, food preservation, winter activities and much more!

Order  HERE . 70 pages.

Order HERE. 70 pages.

Animals and Frozen Waters

From Red Crowned Cranes dancing on the snow in Japan, Siberian husky taking a rest in the middle of the harsh winter months or a squirrel looking for acorns in Central Park... animals always find their way with snow. For many animals life depends on it, and this book is to remind you about our changing climate, plus to make you smile once again observing a funny goose making his way through the ice.

Order  HERE . 100 pages.

Order HERE. 100 pages.

Textures of Frozen Waters

This book is perhaps my favorite of the series, because it includes an extensive photo collection of possible textures that snow and ice can take. You will even be able to find such snow phenomena as diamond dust, zastrugi and snow rollers (read an additional blog post about the phenomena). Frozen waters shine, sparkle and reflect. Let it snow.

I've been working on them for 12 month and went through many years of my photography of snow and ice, trying to pick the best shots to represent the subject. It was fun, but tough work. It is not so easy to fit all you want in one book, that's maybe why I ended up with over 100 pages for two of them :)

While working on this series I traveled to subarctic Japan in Hokkaido, met with scientists researching Antarctic ice; visited my hometown in Siberia to photograph unusual textures of snow (3 images below); hiked to see the largest glacier in continental US (excluding Alaska) on Mount Rainier, WA and explored snow in Canada. I am fascinated with beautiful frozen waters, they have no limits in forms and always wow me. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 10.16.48 PM.png

A large part of the editing process happened during my art residency at I-Park, CT. I was able to try out a new way of working on the book interior by displaying all of the pages in front of me on one wall. This really gave me a scale of a single book visually.


I hope that you share my addiction to Frozen Waters and enjoy these books.